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20 Odin Sphere Icons

Even when I get an early start on these things, I still find myself working right up until the last minute >.<' Plus to be honest I've been hesitating to post this set because some of these icons were quite challenging to make and had me pushing the limits of boundaries I usually don't explore, so I'm not 100% sure how I feel about the results... but I'm forcing myself to do so anyways because I really did work hard to finish and am happy with other icons within the batch; anyway beauty is in the eye of the beholder XD

Enough rambling, here are 20 icons from the game Odin Sphere for Round 10 at otp20in20. It's a very interesting game with a lot of complexly intertwined storylines and I tried to explore a wide variety of relationships (both traditional and otherwise) as a result. If you see anything here you like, please feel free to take but remember to:

Credit wildmusings and/or icontradiction (example)
Comment, they're appreciated and encouraging to receive
Don't hotlink, upload the graphics to your own server
Don't re-distribute or claim to have made these graphics
Don't modify the graphics, textless icons are not bases

- 01 -
Christmas Carols

- 02 -

- 03 -
Hidden Text

- 04 -

- 05 -

- 06 -

- 07 -
Pick-Up Line

- 08 -
In The Cards

- 09 -
Winter Stock

- 10 -
Ship Defining Moment

- 11 -

- 12 -

- 13 -

- 14 -

- 15 -

- 16 -
Artist's Choice

- 17 -
Artist's Choice

- 18 -
Artist's Choice

- 19 -
Artist's Choice

- 20 -
Artist's Choice

(the list and explanation of the themes I had to choose from can be found here)

01. King Edmund, Queen Elfaria, Demon Lord Odin, Queen Odette & Inferno King Onyx | I wanted to work with this image of the royal figures and chose a very old carol March of the Kings since it seemed to suit not only their stature but represent the war they find themselves involved in... not at all in keeping with the Christmas spirit I know XD
02. Cornelius & Velvet | This icon not only features star-crossed lovers (from different regions and at one point, species) but also contrasts both their Human and Pooka form... true love knows no bounds <3
03. Queen Elfaria & Melvin | True to the theme, the text is meant to fade into the background as well as be obscured by the image itself. It says Fairy (Land/Queen... I didn't actually finish typing lol but you can pretend I did)
04. Ingway & Mercedes | It's not easy being green... "Kiss me, I'm a prince" he says, but she doesn't seem all the convinced or eager to hold up her end of the bargain. Went with a stock photo because it seemed more contrasting and playful
05. Princess Ariel & King Valentine | Wanted to use this handwriting texture I found by solstice fairy (because I'm far too lazy to scan in my own) and for some reason it just made me think of this image. A truly tragic scene of when love turns to hatred :(
06. Gwendolyn & Inferno King Onyx | Bad word-pun aside... their relationship certainly seems to fit the bill of longing for something that can never really be and I tried to capture that with my image choices/positioning
07. A Female Fairy & Ingway | Quote by Joey Tribbiani from Friends | When I saw how he was posed, I immediately thought of Joey and his infamous pick-up line. Originally he was suppose to be hitting on Mercedes, but when I went to work on the blend I found she just fit (expression and pose wise) more perfectly, couldn't resist... guess that makes Ingway a player XD
08. Urzur, Skuldi & Beldor (The Three Wise Men) | Lyrics altered from Poker Face by Lady Gaga | This trio definitely came to mind as soon as I saw the theme since they are constantly manipulating people/situations behind the scenes throughout the entire storyline! Of course now I keep picturing them dancing to Lady Gaga, which makes them seem far less sinister >.>
09. A Female Pooka, Myris & Krois | To make up for the very un-festive Christmas Carol icon, I present to you A Very Pooka Christmas! These adorable bunny-like creatures are busy decking the halls fields, handing beautiful ornaments and lights on various trees to bring a sense of magic to the outdoors. I thought this image would be perfect manipulated into such a scene, hopefully they don't fall off that ladder, though I guess Krois is there to break their fall...
10. Gwendolyn & Oswald | Can I get a d'awwwww? They go from feuding and trying to kill each other, to a lovely fairytale moment where one risks all to save the other and they finally get to kiss! Definitely a ship defining moment if ever there was one <3

Category Set | The idea for this set was to use an image of Alice (and her cat Socrates) reading the Odin Sphere book with each of the five main characters in the background representing one of the first five chapters. I tried to play up the contrast between the more realistic imagery of Alice and the surreal colouring/composition of the other characters to capture her journey from the real world into a place of imagination. I originally wanted to do diagonal rays and also played around with reflected imagery pushed together in a kaleidoscope fashion... but ended up going with block layers instead, a trend I'm not overly skilled at. It should be vibrant enough at least XD
11. Alice & Socrates, with Gwendolyn
12. Alice & Socrates, with Cornelius
13. Alice & Socrates, with Mercedes
14. Alice & Socrates, with Oswald
15. Alice & Socrates, with Velvet

Artists Choice | I normally don't make traditional sets for the Artists Choice section... mainly because there are usually still so many other ideas floating around in my head by the time I reach them... but I found artwork of the 'chibified' versions of various characters, too cute not to use! I blended them together to represent the three main romantic couples as well as the two main familiar relationships. The paper texture was to carry through the book theme while the colourful light textures were chosen based on colour palette and added a sense of dream-like whimsy.
16. Griselda & Gwendolyn
17. Ingway & Mercedes
18. Velvet & Cornelius
19. Gwendolyn & Oswald
20. Ingway & Velvet

Most fandom images used were found at Creative Uncut and the Odin Sphere Wikia, with additional content from various Wikipedias or through a Google search. I also have a general list of resources (that desperately needs updating as soon as I have the chance) but if you want to inquire about something specific that I used, simply ask and I'll track down the credit for you... I have them all saved somewhere, just a bit lazy to do so now.

Thanks for looking and also thanks in advance to anyone that leaves compliments regarding my work. I really truly do appreciate it, even though I almost never leave individual replies saying so. Be sure to browse this tag for the works of all other participants!

P.S. I hope everyone that celebrates has a wonderful Christmas or is otherwise enjoying the holiday/winter season!
Tags: community: otp20in20, general: video games, maker: wildmusings, series: odin sphere, type: icons

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