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32 CLAMP, TV/Movie & Celebrity Graphics

As 2013 came to an end I posted all of the animanga/vg icons/graphics that were sitting on my computer just waiting to be shared. Yay for catching up! I should probably stop being lazy and plug the posts somewhere ^^' ...but if you're interested feel free to take a look XD

Kick-starting the new year, our first mini-challenge at clamp_icontest was to make a set of icons each featuring a series from a different CLAMP era. I had fun working with images from series that normally go under-represented, as well as incorporating stock photos of different types of clocks with fitting text. I've also included my set from the Twelve Days of Christmas challenge (where each day we had to make an icon with specifications based on the original song) and my gifts for the Holiday Graphic Exchanges hosted by both clamp_icontest and calendarsquares. In total there are 32 graphics for you guys to look at, so do help yourself but as always please:

Credit wildmusings and/or icontradiction (example)
Comment, they're appreciated and encouraging to receive
Don't hotlink, upload the graphics to your own server
Don't re-distribute or claim to have made these graphics
Don't modify the graphics, textless icons are not bases
Ask me if you want a textless or b/w version of an icon

09 TV & Movies
04 Celebrities
01 Animal Banner
32 Total

E V O L U T I O N   O F   C L A M P

- 01 -
1990 or earlier

- 02 -
1991 - 1994

- 03 -
1995 - 1999

- 04 -
2000 - 2004

- 05 -
2005 or later

T W E L V E   D A Y S   O F   C H R I S T M A S

- 06 -
Alone in a Tree

- 07 -
One True Pairing

- 08 -
French Text

- 09 -
B/W Image

- 10 -
Worn Jewelry

- 11 -
Food Being Eaten

- 12 -

- 13 -
Maid Oufit

- 14 -
Female(s) Dancing

- 15 -
Male(s) Jumping

- 16 -
Closeup of Mouth

- 17 -
Closeup of Hands

H O L I D A Y   I C O N   E X C H A N G E

- 18 -
texture/neg space

- 19 -
favourite character

- 20 -
favourite character

- 21 -
favourite character

- 22 -
favourite character

- 23 -
favourite character

- 24 -
favourite character

- 25 -
favourite character

- 26 -
favourite character

- 27 -
favourite character

- 28 -
favourite character

- 29 -
favourite character

- 30 -
favourite character

- 31 -
favourite character

| 32

01. Stock photo by Adrian Burke. Texture by discolemonaaade
02. Stock photo by Adrianna Williams
03. Stock photo by Peter Dazeley. Texture by sanctuarylight
04. Stock photo by Peter Dazeley. Tinytext Brush by ennife
05. Stock photo by Anna Gorin
06. Tinytext brush by mrs_spock
08. Textures by unknown ;-; and shalowater
09. Textures by crazykira and sanctuarylight
10. Stock photo by Matthias Calmer. Texture by unknown ;-;
11. Textures by ransie and discolemonaaade
12. Brush by unknown ;-;
13. Texture by caoticgirl
14. Texture by crazykira
15. Texture by pixelfun
16. Textures by discolemonaaade and sanctuarylight
17. Texture sanctuarylight
18-32. These graphics were originally made for rashiea and divachic04, but onless I hear otherwise, I assume it's ok to share them with the rest of you guys ^^'
18. Textures by discolemonaaade, hanen madi and mercury90
19. Textures by unknown ;-;
20. Textures by daynawashere and unknown ;-;
21. Texture sanctuarylight
22. Brush by tove_91
23. Texture by defaultsettings. Tinytext Brush by notfadeaway
25. Stock vector by Zack Blanton
26. Textures by colorvary and unknown ;-;
27. Textures by discolemonaaade and hanen madi
28. Texture by crazykira
29. Textures by darkdana666 and xakyx
30. Textures by discolemonaaade and mercury90
31. Textures by unknown ;-;
32. Texture by ransie

The majority of my artbook, manga, anime etc. images came from MiniTokyo & Zerochan; the tv/movie/celebrity photos were found through random Google searches. Most textures were found through calendarsquares (awesome community and resource right there) or Google searches; I've tried to credit all my resources above (if it says unknown feel free to remind me who made it/them), but please let me know if I forgot to mention you or otherwise ask if you want to know about something specific and I'll do my best to find it for you. Thanks for looking and also thanks in advance to anyone that leaves compliments regarding my work. Be sure to browse the tags to see more such icons by the other participants!


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Jan. 24th, 2014 05:27 pm (UTC)
Love the bright colors this time around. So many fun icons!
Feb. 10th, 2014 02:51 am (UTC)
Thanks! It's enjoyable to be able to sit inside all warm making brightly coloured icons, while the world outside is more bleak and cold because of the winter weather ^^'
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