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5 CLAMP Icons

Wow, January really just flew by! I'll need to get a move on archiving those HP icons I've been putting off, but for now here is a small batch of 5 icons I made for yet another mini-challenge at clamp_icontest I really should start entering/submitting to other places too each featuring one of the five vowels. As a bonus I also incorporated the letter Y somehow into each. I went with a text based set for these because clearly I love text... it was fun but I should challenge myself to make a wordless set one day. Anyway, enough late night rambling, help yourself but please:

Credit wildmusings and/or icontradiction (example)
Comment, they're appreciated and encouraging to receive
Don't hotlink, upload the graphics to your own server
Don't re-distribute or claim to have made these graphics
Don't modify the graphics, textless icons are not bases
Ask me if you want a textless or b/w version of an icon

B U Y   A   V O W E L

- 01 -

- 02 -

- 03 -

- 04 -

- 05 -

01. A is for Alone, Y is for Yue. Textures by erzsebet and gothicyuna. Brush by (to be added)
02. E is for Eternal, Y is for Yuri. Textures by caoticgirl, innocent_lexys & ransie
03. I is for Imagination & Illusion, Y is for Yuuko. Texture by discolemonaaade & unknown ;-;
04. O is for Only, Y is for Yesterday. Texture by discolemonaaade. Brush by shalowater
05. U is for United, Y is for Young. Brush by (to be added)

All of my images came from MiniTokyo. Most textures were found through calendarsquares (awesome community and resource right there) or Google searches; I've tried to credit all my resources above (if it says unknown feel free to remind me who made it/them), but please let me know if I forgot to mention you or otherwise ask if you want to know about something specific and I'll do my best to find it for you. Thanks for looking and also thanks in advance to anyone that leaves compliments regarding my work. Be sure to browse the tags to see more such icons by the other participants!


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